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Born in Mexico City

1942 Family moved to the United States of America

1946 Became a US Citizen

1955-59 Served in the US Navy

1962 Graduated from Western Washington State College Bellingham

1965 MS degree in Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin (working under Harvey Littleton)

1965 Came to Britain on a Fulbright Scholarship (working at Edinburgh College of Art under Helen Monro Turner)

1967-68 Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, London

1968-69 Visiting Lecturer at Stourbridge College of Art

1969-74 Tutor in charge of the Glass Department at the Royal College of Art

1969 Established the Glasshouse, Covent Garden (under the aegis of Graham Hughes)

1974 Moved to Australia at the invitation of the South Australian Government to establish glass workshop at the Jam Factory, Adelaide

1979 Returned to the UK to establish own studio at Lots Road in London where he worked until 1984

1983 Became a Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art

1984 Moved to a painting and sculpture studio in Camberwell, London

1986 Acquired a house and studio in Mallorca, Spain where he spends half the year.

1986-2007 Concentrating on painting, architectural glass commissions, sculpture and stained glass lighting pieces in his studios in London and Spain

1994 Became a UK citizen.

2007 Made a brief return to glass making producing a collection of work at the studio of Aaronson Noon in London.

2007-12 Mainly focused on painting and sculpture, still dividing his time between London and Spain.

2012 Moved his main UK focus to Gloucestershire. Was invited by London Glassblowing to work on some new pieces with the assistance of the glass artist Layne Rowe. Also made a series of glass pieces at Colin Hawkins' studio in Cirencester assisted by Richie Alli

2012-17 Concentrating on sculpture to be cast in bronze and also combining flat glass with bronze or steel. Continues to paint.

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